September 01, 2018

Demystifying Stress

The process of demystifying stress is often overshadowed by generalizations that mask very hard truths. As an example, consider this universally common compromise a child is asked to make at some point in their development; “Oh just ignore them and they’ll go away”. Sound familiar? An authoritative command to pretend a ‘thing’ is in fact NOT a ‘thing’. A directive offering no regard for accountability on either side of a ‘thing’ creates a foolish state of inadequacy and dependency.   

Self sacrifice is big business when the order is based on a perpetual lie. It works against resolve, forfeits personal growth and disqualifies one’s placement of authority over their right to a balanced life. Offer an honest glance over fear induced tactics, used to seduce very capable human beings, into bondage with circumstances that undermine their intelligence – and you’ve got a very messy crime scene.

Dismantling the trappings of stress might initially prove impossible without defending toxic work environments, run down relationships and one’s susceptibility to sabotage. Justifications that defend interpersonal suffering actually fuel what has now become a multi-billion dollar industry. Relentlessly pressed individuals’ will make inconceivable personal compromises; all the while knowing they are not as inadequate or dependent as the circumstances suggest.

An unaccommodating inner voice or knee jerk reaction to a ‘thing’ is both a warning and a gift. Nature is the author of all life and takes enormous offense to manmade shenanigans daring to modify its signature. Creating space for discernment, appreciating the right to choose and making decisions that authorize personal progress are empowering supportive parameters. The miracle cure for stress will always be in the hands of those committed to laboring through their assigned self-discoveries.

It’s the difference between pretending you have something to prove and knowing YOU dont.


#1. Watch both your water intake and choice. Stress creates toxic build up in the body. Make sure you're drinking enough PH balanced water.

#2. If you're accustomed to drinking a cup of Coffee to start your day...okay. just add less than a pinch of baking soda to cut down its acidity.

#3. Watch, Listen and Feel. Your environment requires your participation. Observe the dynamics (listen to its requirements of you), watch your response/and or reaction and take note of the emotions you feel. This will come to serve you greatly as you carve out a new game plan for balanced living.

#4. Unplug. Detach yourself from the outside world at a scheduled time every day for 14 days. The goal here is to get your body in alignment with your mind. The process conditions you to create an appropriate distance between you and the toxicities of the World. You should begin to feel more relaxed, clear headed and capable.

#5. Repeat! The less available you are to everyone else the more valuable you are to yourself. You will also too undoubtedly re-discover what and to whom matters most to you. Creating a launchpad for self restoration and stability that will serve you and yours many times over!

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